She Can I Can started over an idea of how to inspire today’s young girls to feel empowered and unleash the greatness within themselves. As a mother of a young girl, I enjoy quality arts and crafts activities. In addition, I wanted to make sure that she grew up with confidence and a strong sense of limitless possibilities. I am super passionate about her seeing images specifically females doing big and great things.

I researched a variety of people and honed in on females of all ages and all areas of interest. I decided showcasing these success stories to young girls can empower them to see beyond circumstances and reach for more. By combining the profiles with a hands on activity of creating a scrapbook – magic was made. Research shows people retain more by doing, what girl doesn’t love to decorate! Creating a keepsake scrapbook of girls and women became the perfect combination.

Bob Proctor said “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand”. She Can I Can products help start the girl in your life of opening her mind to seeing her own future, dreaming big about possibilities and eventually turning them into reality. Are you ready to start her on her journey? Thank you for your support.

 Our mission statement

She Can I Can is on a mission to empower young girls by showcasing images of successful females across multiple fields and backgrounds. We believe the most impactful way to achieve this is through quality “edutainment” and interactive activities.

Educate – Inspire – Entertain.

Scrapbook Kits

​Our 12×12 Scrapbook is a perfect activity that allows the creative side of the girl in your life to SHINE. While creating a keepsake scrapbook, she will learn about 20 successful females. Once finished she will feel empowered and proud of her new creation.

Each scrapbook kit includes scrapbook pages, a theme profile pack of successful women and girls, self-assessment worksheets, and She Can I Can sticker sheets. Our 12×12 Scrapbook is recommended for girls age 8 and older.

Live Events

In 2022 we will launch She Can I Can live events. She Can I Can events are playdates with a purpose. Girls, age 5 and older, create a fun keepsake scrapbook or flipbook based upon images of successful females. Over 75 female profiles ranging in age and specialties will be featured. Attendees select their favorite profiles to include in their scrapbook. The girls then work to create a unique scrapbook while learning at the same time. At this event, arts meets inspiration!

She's All That

She Can I Can is part of the Exposure Hill family of brands. All of our brands are tied together by our commitment to Educate, Inspire and Entertain. She’s All That is a sister brand with similar products focused on showcasing African-American female success stories. We plan to continue to evolve both brands and introduce new edutainment brands.

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